Spoonie Reads

youdontlooksick“You Don’t LOOK Sick! – Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness” by Joy H. Selak and Steven S. Overman, MD, MPH. Available on Amazon. — ‘You Don’t LOOK Sick!’ — Though our illnesses differ, that one line seems to stay constant. This book was a good read, I liked the way the author, Joy Selak, wrote about her experiences with such emotion. There is also some good information from the perspective of the doctor working with Joy to get her life back. Also, if you’re American, this book has some good tidbits on how to deal with health care and insurance companies & policies in the United States.

myimaginaryillness “My Imaginary Illness – A Journey Into Uncertainty and Prejudice In Medical Diagnosis” by Chloe G. K. Atkins. Available on Amazon — This book touched me deeply and was one of the primary inspirations for this blog. Chloe details her life with doctors who didn’t believe she was ill and treated her awfully because of it. She was diagnosed with ‘conversion disorder’ in the beginning, which is what I was diagnosed with in June 2015. This book chronicles her fight to find the correct diagnosis & to be treated like a human being, which is why I love it so dearly. It’s definitely worth the read if you’re experiencing the same issues dealing with doctors as the author (and myself) are.

This page will be updated as I finish books on chronic illness that I feel are worth a read. Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions for Spoonie reads.