Not Enough Spoons to Even Give a Fork

..and an exhaustion so deep a 9 year nap/coma couldn’t help it.

In my last post I spoke about the fact that I was switched over to the generic version of Cymbalta because my insurance company didn’t want to pay the insane price for the actual name brand version. I was okay with this idea because the co-pay was much lower, and I’ve used generic versions of things in the past without issue. There cannot be that big of a difference between the two, can there? They had to have been approved for sale by the FDA! Well, I was wrong. There is enough of a difference.

I remember my father telling me years ago that the generic version of a medication he was taking at the time didn’t even show up in his blood even though he was taking it daily. When they did his blood work it was nowhere to be found, even though the brand version worked fine and did show up. That should be enough anecdotal evidence to realize there’s a difference.

I started the generic version a month ago this coming Wednesday. I saw my general practitioner doctor (the one who prescribes it to me) on the fourth of July, and got her to write no substitutions on the script so that I can switch back. I didn’t have the money to pick up the actual version (it’s a $60 co-pay every month) so I have to wait a little while, but after what happened to me this past week, I’m going to try my damnedest to get the brand version A.S.A.P. This post will be about my experience on the generic so far.Read More »